Palace Reveals The Heartbreaking Reason Prince Harry And Meghan Are Rushing Down The Aisle

The news about Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle sent many into quite the tizzy when they first heard. There are just some people who cannot resist the joys of a royal wedding. Ever since the initial announcement took place, there have been endless amounts of speculation. Some want to know who will be invited to the wedding and others want to know who Meghan will wear.

The location of the wedding has been confirmed and a few other minor details have been locked in. They are planning on getting married in May of next year. Of course, the online peanut gallery has already decided that they need to weigh in on this aspect of the proceedings. Everyone has their own opinion as to Prince Harry and Meghan will be walking down the aisle so quickly.
Coming up with conspiracy theories and spicy hot takes is more fun than learning the truth. While some have speculated about Meghan being pregnant and others have their own salacious ideas, the true reason is rather heartbreaking. Prince Phillip is Harry’s grandfather and he is also 96 years old. His health is not nearly what it once was.

As a result, Phillip has stepped down from a number of his usual royal duties and passed them onto Harry. Harry has decided to schedule his wedding for next May because he wants his grandfather to be able to see him walking down the aisle before he passes on. What a noble and kind decision to make. Hopefully, this is more than enough information to silence all of the haters and gossip hounds out there.

St. George’s Chapel is the location that has been chosen for the wedding. We cannot wait to see the ceremony for ourselves. This is going to be one special wedding and we are touched that Harry has chosen to push the date up. The fact that he is bound and determined to have his beloved grandfather present is simply too sweet for words.
What do you think of Prince Harry’s decision? Do you support his reasoning? Are you going to be watching the wedding when the big day comes? Please be sure to share this touching story along to with your loved ones and your closest friends. They will definitely appreciate the selflessness of Harry’s wedding day decision. We wish Prince Harry and Meghan all of the best in their upcoming union.

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