Disturbing Pictures Of People Moments Before They Died

There is something about death that makes the best of us shudder to our very core though it is the least we want to worry about. But we human beings have adopted the best way of tackling this aspect. How do we do that?

By accepting it and not thinking about it. Because we know death is inevitable. Plus, we know we can’t do anything about it. But not all deaths are normal. Some people leave behind mysteries, controversies before they die. Their pictures show it.

Well, I am talking about the disturbing pictures that were taken before the death of these people. If you see these pictures, you will notice one thing that is common in all, which is their approaching death.

Take a look at these petrifying pictures that will blow your mind

A war veteran.

This picture of Justus Belfield saluting was taken a day before he died. The World War II veteran died in his uniform at the age 98.

The last selfie.

This mother-son moment turned out to be the last one for Gary Slok, 15, and his mum Petra Langeveld on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014. The flight disappeared in air.


This image is reported to be the last photograph of Adolf Hitler before he shot himself to death.

Captured the assassin.

This photo was taken by a Filipino politician of his family along with his assassin who shot him right after this picture was clicked.

The final post.

Amy Winehouse.

A week before Amy Winehouse’s death on July 23, 2011, the Rehab singer was photographed walking near her home in North London. She spent her final hours drinking vodka alone in her bedroom.

The risky act.

A Russian teen, seconds away from falling to his death, as he lost his hold on the parapet soon after the snap.
The last romance.

John Lennon.

The image you see is of John Lennon, the founder of The Beatles, returning to his Manhattan apartment from the Record Plant and the man on the right is the one who shot him – Mark David Chapman.

Tupac Shakur.

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