12 Things Women Should Never Do To Their Breasts

Even though women will never admit it but a women’s breasts are the most prized possession of her. For women, breasts are an area of great pleasure and there are few things that you should never do t them. They help us look flattering when our crush is staring at us and catch that errant popcorn.

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So considering all the good things that a woman’s breasts help them do, let’s check out a few things that you should never do to them!
1.Don’t get too kinky

We all love to get a little naughty and rough with our partners while making out but remember not be too harsh with your bosoms. A love bite can be painful and lead to the formation of scar tissue.

2.Wearing the wrong size bra

This is the most important things that you should keep in mind and never do to your breasts. Even though a smaller size might make you look flattering and a bigger size makes you feel comfortable, it can cause the formation of scar tissue that can eventually lead to cancer by restricting the blood flow.

3.Excessive smoking

Smoking is not good for your lungs as well as your health. When you smoke the toxins seep into the skin and temper with the elastin, making your bosoms saggy.

4.Loving one more than the other

It’s completely normal to have one breast bigger than the other but it’s nothing to worry about. And there’s no need for breast implantation for this reason.

5.Keep them hydrated and moisturized

As the skin of this area is very thin it tends to get dry and itchy so it’s very important to keep they moisturize.

6.Don’t pierce them

There’s a risk of getting infected with piercing. As the nipples are closer to the lymphatic system the bacteria can find its way to your bloodstream even faster.

7.Say No to Botox

It’s a new trend among women these days who want to get firmer and bigger breasts. But as reaches have shown it can sag them even more.

8.Pluck stray hair

Every time you tug one of those pesky follicles from that sensitive area, you make the naturally thin skin much thicker, which frequently makes the hair grow back with more girth and inflammation.

9.Go out without wearing a bra

Some women don’t just care and go out for their physical activities like jogging without any bra. But it’s only going to make your bust bounce around and form scar tissue on top of just being seriously painful.

10.Sleeping on your stomach

When you sleep on your stomach you can alter the shape of your breasts over time due to the pressure on them overnight.

11.Keep them away from duct tape

Although by using duct tapes you can easily handle those deep necklines but what you don’t know is that you’re only getting close to some nasty skin infections.

12.Waxing nipple hair

Consider seeing a dermatologist for laser hair removal for a more permanent fix instead of waxing it every month and have painful burns and irritation.

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